Newborn Care

The first three weeks of life are key to your baby’s development. What the newborn feels during this time constitutes their first experience of the world, and will leave an indelible mark on them. The Newborn care course will provide you with the tools you need to create a close bond and the right environment for your baby to grow up feeling safe and loved.  

Walk confidently and safely through your baby’s first weeks of life for only:


VAT included.
8 Lessons.
01h 22m

Course contents

The Newborn care course consists of 7 video lessons and multiple additional materials for you to review the information.

Walk confidently and safely through your baby’s first weeks of life for only 49€


About the instructor
Proactive Parenting
Dr. Deanna Marie Mason PhD
More than 20 years of clinical experience helping families:
Bachelor's Degree in Registered Nursing, Master’s Degree in Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and PhD in Nursing. University professor, patient education specialist, pediatric researcher, published author and reviewer to first-line international scientific journals, continuous philanthropic activity related to health promotion and education, wife and mother of two children.

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